Full Health Wellness is committed to offering programming that suits the needs of the community.  

Our hope is to continue adding programming that we can ensure targets problems relevant to you.

  • Individual Counseling ​​

    • Full Health has partnered with Allied Mental Health to provide counseling services provided by both in-house and outside counselors with a wide variety of specialties and disciplines.

  • Family Counseling 

    • Full Health believes that the family unit is the most important support system one can foster, and works to be inclusive of family members when appropriate to facilitate the best treatment for mental illness or substance addiction.​ Full Health has partnered with Allied Mental Health to provide Family Counseling when the need arises.

  • Substance Use Counseling 

    • We at Full Health recognize substance dependence as a social problem as well as a personal one, and work to support members of our communities in a way that benefits society at large.  We offer compassionate substance abuse treatment, and employ a holicstic approach that involves utilizing social supports, families, outside agencies, and more to achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Marital Counseling 

    • Our practitioners believe that a healthy marriage is the anchor that supports any family, and work hard with you to relieve any pressures put on your marriage, and thus your family.​ Full Health has partnered with Allied Mental Health to provide marital counseling.