About Us

Our mission at Full Health is to help improve quality of life throughout our involved communities by offering compassionate, timely, and comprehensive care for those with mental health, addiction, or community support needs.

 We strive to use modern, relevant practice approaches to empower change and enhance the lives of the individuals, families, and groups whom we serve.

 We believe that all people have within them the power to find happiness and fulfillment through hope, resilience, and support.


Our goal is to continue to evolve to meet new challenges our communities face, incorporating cutting edge treatment approaches and technological applications.

 We will grow as the need for supportive interventions grows. We will not; however, grow so large as to overshadow our main mission.  We will adhere to the principle of quality over quantity.

 This means exploring any new programming opportunities that support our mission, and which are rooted in the idea that everyone deserves access to meaningful care.